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Light Box Signage Solutions

You can use light box signage in window displays, to display information or give directions. Light box signage is now available with the latest LED technology giving you more options to present your business in unique and exciting ways.

Digital Signage Perth can provide you with live examples of light box displays in and around Perth so you can visualize how your light box displays can look.

Digital Signage Perth manufacture all shapes, sizes and types of illuminated light box signs. We can box signs with fluorescent or LED illumination. These types of signs can be made either single or double sided. This makes an economical and very attractive sign with translucent vinyls or digital printing

Under Awning Light Box Signs

We manufacture these in all shapes, materials, sizes and finishes. Digital Signage Perth specializes in double-sided slimline, faced, internally illuminated LED light box signs. Featuring opal acrylic inserts and sides that illuminate. This makes for a very classy looking sign, especially at night when the lettering is glowing. We also manufacture all types of conventional light box signs Digital Signage Perth manufactures light boxes in all shapes, materials, sizes and finishes. We can supply double-sided slimline, aluminium faced, internally illuminated lightbox sign. We have released our new range of LED double sided light box signs available in a variety of of sizes and shapes including round and rectangular. Our new Light boxes feature LED lighting technology that is far brighter and consumes less power than traditional fluorescent light boxes saving you money. LED light boxes also last longer than traditional fluorescent tube light boxes which means your are not constantly paying for an expensive technician to replace blown or dull tubes. We also manufacture all types of conventional light box signs

To order your light box signage, contact our team of digital signage experts to arrange a light box signage solution that suits your needs

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Digital Signage Perth has light box solutions for all your signage and advertising needs. We provide world class light box solutions for Western Australia and our team of experts is on hand to help you get better results with your advertising.