Video Wall Display Solutions

There is simply no better way to make a lasting impression than to utilise a LED video wall display. Video wall displays are often used by businesses in reception areas, conference rooms and public spaces. They can be used to create and broadcast laser targeted engaging messages quickly and easily on a mass scale.

Video walls consist of multiple sets of computer monitors or screens tiled together or overlapped to form one continuous picture, from advertising point of view video wall displays have maximum impact, demanding and retaining attention.

From a control room perspective, video walls enable multiple people to share and view the same information simultaneously.

The friendly expert team at Digital Signage Perth is dedicated to providing world class digital solutions. Contact Digital Signage Perth today to discuss Video wall Displays and how they can help your business. Video wall Displays can be used in a variety of settings and environments. Typically video walls can be used for

  • Broadcast and advertising
  • Shopping centres
  • Video wall Displays
  • Retail store video walls

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