Digital Hotel Lobby Signage

Hotel & Bar Signage
We are the leaders when it comes to Hotel and Bar signage and directory boards in Western Australia. We use world class digital signage solutions for the best Displays.Our digital signage solution can replace outdated Directory boards and interface with your sales and catering software to automatically display the meeting schedules. This ability improves employee productivity and can create favourable impressions of your hotel with your clients.

A network of flat panel displays can send extremely targeted and compelling messages to hotel guests at the property level. What local events are going on? Why should the guest use your spa? What exactly is your individual hotel, or brand as a whole, about? What are the hotel's values? What's new with the hotel or brand? Today's hotel guest expects the same luxuries they have at home. What else is there to invest in when you have all of them plus a spa, large fitness centre, 24 hour food bar, and more?
Bar, Clubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Sporting Venues

  • Show Restaurant opening times and menu options.
  • Promote hotel Services like pool, spa, massage and business centres.
  • Promote high-margin drinks and cocktails along with daily specials.
  • Show attractions around the city.
  • Show upcoming events and functions .
  • Display Directory Boards in the lobby for large parties and special events.
  • Reduce perceived waiting times by keeping patrons entertained.
  • Broadcast safety and training content to your staff.

Digital Hotel Signage

Better Communication With this new medium, you can inform guests of your food and beverage operations, promote local events, greet group conventions, show wedding configurations, explain hotel reward programs- the possibilities are endless. Whatever your message is, it will be communicated.