Arrow boards may be the best directional signage solution for you to convey clear direction for traffic. Digital Signage Perth is a digital signage company that is dedicated to delivering world class digital signage solutions to Perth and Western Australia and we can supply arrow boards that will be the perfect fit for your road traffic signage needs.

Based in Perth Australia, we have a range of Arrow board traffic solutions to help you take control of your directional signage with effective digital LED arrow board signage displays that have striking visual impact able to safety direct traffic.
Contact digital signage Perth today to discuss your Traffic arrow board sign requirements including truck Mounted Arrowboards and trailer Mounted Arrow boards . Digital Signage Perth offers a range of Traffic and Arrow board signage that can suit all requirements of road works, local Government and Civil needs.

For a complete Arrow board traffic solution contact our Perth based expert team for a free on site evaluation.

Truck Mounted Arrowboards
Our Range of Truck Mounted Arrowboards are used on top of vehicles such as utes and trucks and come in 3 sizes. Our Truck Mounted Arrow boards are available in 12 or 24v and come with the power cable, control cable and directional switch control box.

  • A Size Truck Mounted Arrowboard
  • B Size Truck Mounted Arrowboard
  • C Size Truck Mounted Arrowboard

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